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So... apparently I was hacked.

2009-07-24 11:34:03 by DanRaniera

Well, in my absense, somebody else has been using my account.
I have deleted those three completely riddiculous posts, and now stuff is back to normal.
Does anyone have a clue who it was? Please tip me via PM.
Thanks in advance.

-Daneil .K

1000 Music Review!!! (done!)

2007-12-02 08:11:20 by DanRaniera

Congrats RyanTime2, who got my 1000 review on a song called Take On Me Remix. I guess that song is Awsome... It's a very nice remix, you should listen to it!

Anyway... Thank you everyone, for coming here! post a coment and stuff! thanks for all that!
except for navji11, who thought a review saying "Awsome, I like this kinda song you know" is a horrible review... Dont you think? that is not horrible? i didnt even swear or say rude comments...

Anyways... I have made the 1000 music review! so now lets celebrate! yay! LOL!

Take On me Remix

Thanks everyone one! Thank you for everything! hehe =D

P.S: I GOT MY LEVEL 8 TOO!!! YAY!!!!!!

Ye Still Can Insult Me Ye Know~?

Ye can have a lil fun with me by insulting me with nasty,rude,bad comments!
Insult me anytime, or when i say this:

+: I rule NG!!! Jealous? Insult me now!
+2: Im the king of the world! Jealous? insult the king!
+3: Im the Coolest person in da world! Jealous, mad? insult me!

Thanks, and Cheers!

Daneil. K

(Image by RyanTime2) Isn't it Nice? Yes it awwwwsome!!!

1000 Music Review!!! (done!)

Insult Me! (Upgr.+Short) + Celebrate 1000 Music Reviews!

2007-11-28 10:49:57 by DanRaniera

You can have little fun with me: Insult Me! =D
You can Insult me whenever you want to here by posting some bad/rude/nasty comments!
+: I wont insult you back. Insult me like you can.
+2: I am the man! If you're jealous... Just insult me!
+3: Im King Of NG!!! Jealous too much? go and Insult me!!
+4: Im So Cool! Cooler than anyone else! Jealous?... Insult me Now!

30/11/2007 - 900th Music Reviews! That Review can be found in The Freshman (Live).

01/12/2007 - 50 Music Reviews More for that 4-Digit Number!

01/12/2007 - Tommorow Inviting Everyone! Inviting The people even that i know and dont know, just looking on their names from the thing they Submit, or names from Forums. ETC>>>>....

02/12/07 - The 1000 Music Review will be today! Reviewing Music only in the AP or... (check below)

Celebrate 1000's Music Reviews!

Haha! yay! Celebrate my 1000's Music Review on Monday 3rd December 2007...!!! (TOMMOROW!)
lol, in that 1 days from now, I would be able to get about 1000 reviews! Thank you everyone! lol, Insulters. P.S: Also I will get my Level 8!!! Yay!

Who For 1000?

I will be reviewing music in The AP. I decided not to go to other user profile page, BUT, if they want to, they can give me the link to their music for my 1000 music review by PM'ing me! i'll review which one i like the most. (This is only if you want to get 1000 Music Reviews)

Cheers! !~D
Daneil .K

P.S: The 1000 Music Review Could be today, or tommorow!