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Insult Me! (Upgr.+Short) + Celebrate 1000 Music Reviews!

2007-11-28 10:49:57 by DanRaniera

You can have little fun with me: Insult Me! =D
You can Insult me whenever you want to here by posting some bad/rude/nasty comments!
+: I wont insult you back. Insult me like you can.
+2: I am the man! If you're jealous... Just insult me!
+3: Im King Of NG!!! Jealous too much? go and Insult me!!
+4: Im So Cool! Cooler than anyone else! Jealous?... Insult me Now!

30/11/2007 - 900th Music Reviews! That Review can be found in The Freshman (Live).

01/12/2007 - 50 Music Reviews More for that 4-Digit Number!

01/12/2007 - Tommorow Inviting Everyone! Inviting The people even that i know and dont know, just looking on their names from the thing they Submit, or names from Forums. ETC>>>>....

02/12/07 - The 1000 Music Review will be today! Reviewing Music only in the AP or... (check below)

Celebrate 1000's Music Reviews!

Haha! yay! Celebrate my 1000's Music Review on Monday 3rd December 2007...!!! (TOMMOROW!)
lol, in that 1 days from now, I would be able to get about 1000 reviews! Thank you everyone! lol, Insulters. P.S: Also I will get my Level 8!!! Yay!

Who For 1000?

I will be reviewing music in The AP. I decided not to go to other user profile page, BUT, if they want to, they can give me the link to their music for my 1000 music review by PM'ing me! i'll review which one i like the most. (This is only if you want to get 1000 Music Reviews)

Cheers! !~D
Daneil .K

P.S: The 1000 Music Review Could be today, or tommorow!


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2007-11-28 10:50:56

I can't insult you, I LOVE YOU!

DanRaniera responds:



2007-11-28 12:37:36

Generic ya mama joke: ya mama sooo fat, when she walk dow the road in her yellow raincoat, everyone shouts "Taxi! Taxi!"

Soz it's the best I could do <:-(

DanRaniera responds:

hmm... Tnx for trying.


2007-11-28 13:10:37

suck my ass and call me your mammy, i cant insult you, go look for insults at:
NG Insult Generator.
It insults you anyway, put yer name there and, it becomes,
DanRaniera sucks the Dawg's warm-smelling angina, or something.

DanRaniera responds:

NG Insult Generator doesn't really insult me, is just random words than come up when you click, go, start or whatever.

thanx for trying. but that word at the bottom works.


2007-11-28 18:24:55

Keep up the good work Dan, and stop feeling sorry for yourself because of NewGrounds --- there are much more complicated and stressful things out there, than a bunch of lame & pointless opinions (here on NG)...

Stay strong.

DanRaniera responds:

I'll smile till I die... Oh... thay rhymes!

anyways... I dunno what i am going to say.



2007-11-29 06:31:48

lets insult... um... YOUR A VERY NICE PERSON! Cuz i guess its cool to be mean on newgrounds haha.. I dunno i'm not good at this insult stuff unless i got good reason to be haha.
Keep on keeping on!

DanRaniera responds:

Umm... hello reviewwer on your 500's!

thank u... for the VERY NICE PERSON thingy!



2007-11-29 08:49:29


DanRaniera responds:

Good one!


2007-11-29 12:54:12

No, you gave me a nice review on my song :]

DanRaniera responds:

I luv reviewing -;D


2007-11-29 15:44:29

314 Flash Reviews?!!!
816 Music Reviews??!!!!!!!!!
jezz you got a @#$%load of flash and music reviews!! you must review tons a day!!!
keep it up man!!! and check out my profile sometime it might not be as impressive but leave a contact so i can have a link to your profile
Peace :D :P

DanRaniera responds:

Yes! I luv reviewing!

yes! i will add u in my contact list! as long as i dont make this mistake:


(always make kind of those mistakes most of da time)


2007-11-29 16:19:18

comment too if you got the time :D XD :P
bye then

(Updated ) DanRaniera responds:

Comment oon what?

sorry, im not sure wher you are going. =D XD


2007-11-29 19:44:55

You suck at life. God hates you. I hope you die in a mattress fire.
You fucking noob.

DanRaniera responds:

Nice one! thx! Rig.. haha lol


2007-11-30 02:43:45

youre an asshole

DanRaniera responds:

Yeah! Awsome... but i got into that word alot... not bad....

Thx =D


2007-11-30 08:46:27

Every disease possible likes you. Go get 'em.

DanRaniera responds:

Where are they!?


2007-11-30 09:15:50

You people as been soo nicest!
i am the happiest! =D keep more! yay!


2007-11-30 13:27:15

If you're going to get 1000 reviews in that time, you better get some work done right now.


DanRaniera responds:

no worries, i can get tht done in a day, or 2, but need 100 music to be posted.


2007-11-30 15:14:57

on my 999th! Someone PM or whatever, leave a message here... then I'll review that Music on whichever i likes...

=D Yay for 1000! lol


2007-11-30 16:13:25

I could have fun with this....

1. You're a no talent idiot who judges things outside of your preferences.
2. You're a conniving little ass hole who is a thief, and gets by by stealing Zajed's work.

If you don't listen to a certain music genre, then don't fucking judge it. Stop downvoting things with great amounts of talent put into it. I've seen what you do in the hip-hop section, as well as the jazz section. Grow up. And have a nice day.

DanRaniera responds:

I never go to sections? i only go to the audio portal section... i dont browse genre...
i just go to audio portal and start listening to music from top to bottom... 30-1...
pleease think before you open that mouth of yours! XD

Nice Insult... but not good enough, haha doesnt make me feel bad.


2007-12-01 00:22:08

Response to My Second Post:

Sry when i wrote this i didn't know you already commented on my profile thanks anyway hope you liked the random pic ^^

DanRaniera responds:

Umm oh yes... u mean the Userpage... XD


2007-12-01 00:32:51

Read your new post on your profile, i wonder who ur 1000th review could be?
Here check out my brothers account he's the one who's got the songs even though i helped him on most of them, enjoy ^^ he's a little strange though... but i am his brother so i guess it is implided that i'd say that ^^;

you truely are the "KING OF REVIEW"
With no argument or competition so far i haven't seen anyone with so many reviews, mabye one day you'll be "OVER 9000!!!!"
you know in the 5 digits ^^
See ya later XDXD :P

DanRaniera responds:

Right, ill check it right away, after i review on all the new submission in AP



2007-12-01 08:57:16

OmfG Review #946
Thanks dude....Starting to love you XD

DanRaniera responds:

Awww.... =") lol...

Yur WElcome!


2007-12-01 12:22:42

Dude, your reviews are horrible. You don't deserve to be able to review.

You don't give any feedback on the songs.

A review you left for me was "I like this kinda song, you know!" And that was it. That's not a review, that is a simple statement that if you really wanted to tell me, then you'd have PMed me, or commented on a news post.

Also, you stole Jarvid's idea for a user picture.

DanRaniera responds:

Horrible? did i like it? did i swear? was it rude? NO

is this horrible?: I like this kinda songs you know! Its awsome!

Wtf? whats so bad with that, and who the hell is Jarvid, many people has pictures like that u dumbnut.


2007-12-01 17:25:47

Can your 1000th review be for one of my songs?

DanRaniera responds:

I dont know... i review music on the AP


2007-12-01 17:31:13

I contributed to that number! Do I get anything??

DanRaniera responds:

what number?


2007-12-04 04:01:42

You have no life to get that many reviews...

wait...I have over 1500. I guess I have no life, and I fail.

But I still have more than even in my failure, someone else failed more than me. :P